07 terms / policies


your personal information collected when you make a purchase on our site is not shared with the following exceptions:

(1) as is deemed necessary in connection with support, i.e., a third party credit card processor
(2) when necessary by us in order to enhance the information provided


since the products on our site are non-tangible items; digital products, it is not possible for you to return the product to us. therefore we are unable to refund or exchange a product. however, if you are having an issue with a file you purchased, please contact us so we may be able to assist you.


after your purchase, you will have immediate access to download a zip file. you must ensure your computer is able to open zipped files. we are not liable for this part of the purchase process.


we reserve the right to remove, modify or change without notice any information pertaining to terms, policies, prices on our site.