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creativity is the residue of time wasted

— albert einstein said that —

creativity is the residue of time wasted

— albert einstein said that


do you love the graphics, typography & photography on web sites ?

when i hit on a site with beautiful graphics, photography and typography, i feel them drawing me in, and sometimes audibly whisper, “wow”.

this is why i make and sell intricately detailed and beautifully colored graphics.

if you’re a DIY site builder, you’ll love how my graphics help you define your site, and if you’re looking for a web designer, you’ll love the site i design for you.



when i am completely myself, entirely alone, or during the night when i cannot sleep, it is on such occasions that my ideas flow best and most abundantly. whence and how these ideas come i know not nor can i force them.

— wolfgang amadeus mozart said that


arkansas based web & graphic design since 1999.

design focus.

who i am.

i'm a multi-functional designer.

i love and create great designs.

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I create great designs.

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