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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart said, When I am completely myself, entirely alone, or during the night when I cannot sleep, it is on such occasions that my ideas flow best and most abundantly.

I’m working on a new idea right now

p e a r w e e d

Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.
— Charles Eames said that

I'm a multi-functional designer.

I create great design. Hire me.

In 1999, I designed my first web site for a client; a well known, local company that rebuilt and restored classic mustang cars. It was a time when every well designed site displayed all the bells and whistles of music; (mustang sally in this case), rotating objects, site visitor counters, colorized side scroll bars, trailing mouse pointers and anything else the imagination could conjure up.

Within a short time period, I realized the superiority of what in recent years, has been entitled 'flat design' and 'white space' and quickly transformed all of my sites into straight html with minimal designs.

Trends in web design don't linger long and in our current climate of DIY, I have included graphic designs for clients who opt for DIY design. Since 1999, I have designed graphics for clients' sites as I built them, but now I am releasing those graphic designs to others for use in their DIY projects.

Other clients have taken the DIY option and concluded it's not for them. They have returned to pearweed for their web design needs and have refocused all of their attention to their business demands. Perhaps, that's where you find yourself today and if so, pearweed design can help you maintain that balance.

As always, quality is my mantra. Purchase graphics from pearweed's online shop and use them to reach your goals, or make contact and I'll get your site looking as you envision it and functioning within the requirements that good design demands.

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simple approach web design, doesn't mean plain



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Creativity is the residue of time wasted.
— Albert Einstein said that

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Our Process

A line is a dot that went for a walk.
— Paul Klee said that

simple approach web design, doesn't mean plain

Designing a web site is a process. Sometimes the initial ideas work perfectly. At other times, they help the client and/or the designer re-think the content. We begin with what we've envisioned is a great design, but the further we get into the process, the site seems to take on a character of its own. It's almost as if the site begins to direct the designer.

The initial design ideas may have been based upon something as simple as a desired color or an existing logo, but as the pages go online for viewing, it becomes apparent something is lacking. Sometimes a different logo is designed or a logo is merged into a photo and the site begins to move toward something new. It's an interesting process for the designer and the client.

Sometimes a random photo captured amongst many seemingly 'have to' photos is the one that rises to the surface and looks so striking it becomes the focal point of the site. Are you getting a glimpse of the difference between web design and plug-in templates? If so, then you're beginning to see the finest web sites are 'designed'.

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